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How SMB’s can benefit from Managed IT Services

Running a business can feel like it takes a Herculean effort to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Managing IT and while keeping everything running smoothly can easily become overwhelming. That’s where a Managed IT company comes in. A company like neteffect technologies can relieve the pressure of maintaining your systems while saving you time and money, and improving your productivity.

For a small business, the idea of outsourcing IT work to a Managed IT firm may seem beyond your affordability. However, in the event of a natural disaster, security breach, or equipment breakdown, in order to efficiently and effectively run your business, the people that handle your company need technological know-how and savvy. When thinking about contracting with an IT provider, it’s good to know what the benefits are and how one might benefit your company.

Managed IT Will Save You Time and Money

Managed IT firms can work with your IT department, or become your IT department. Your organization benefits by incurring consistent monthly fees that are completely budgetable. Whether it’s our managed IT or co-managed IT services, cloud services, you need help with phone systems, or you have other requirements, your business has the option to secure its infrastructure needs via operating expenses or capital expenditures, whatever works best for your organization.

It’s unnecessary to pay IT staff to learn new programs, train on new equipment, get certifications. Your service provider will have a staff full of knowledgeable technicians and engineers, kept abreast of the latest technologies in the marketplace.

Managed IT firms should have a backup of your system readily available so you can avoid downtime. Your network is managed so that potential vulnerabilities are prevented before they present themselves and become problematic, saving your business time and resources.

Managed IT Services Provide Experience and Expertise

Many small and medium-sized businesses have a limited IT department, or perhaps non-existent with a business executive charged with handling everything technology-oriented. These businesses likely do not possess all of the knowledge and resources needed to manage all of the technological issues they face. Problems are “solved” piece-meal, incorrectly or band-aided temporarily. Time is wasted researching and troubleshooting a problem that a team of skilled and knowledgeable staff of technicians and engineers could easily and efficiently proactively solved.

When you employ an IT support firm such as a managed IT Services Provider, you obtain a staff of experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers that resolve your IT needs. The Managed IT firm can perfectly supplement your current IT department. Neteffect Technologies’ team is comprised of a trained team in the latest technologies and systems in additional to legacy systems. Whether it be questions for the 24/7 help desk or researching the most effective ways to keep your business secure, managed IT providers offer businesses seasoned experience in addition to with a staff full of professional technicians and engineers that understand the communication and services are key to earning and retaining your business.

Improves Productivity

With Managed IT services, your entire network infrastructure and associated devices can all be maintained by trusted technicians. All of your technology can be kept up-to-date and running efficiently, instead of being slowed by inefficient servers, computer viruses, or security issues.

Is your business phone solution holding you back? If you invest in your telecom equipment employees no longer are required to be chained to their desk waiting for a phone call, lessening productivity. With auto attendant, videoconferencing, and integration with your CRM, your business is more mobile and accessible which equates to more productivity and efficiencies. Every employee is able to maximize their time.

Managed IT Provides Protection

If you’re partnered with a solid Managed IT company, your business is more secure from outside threats. Not all Managed IT companies are equal; ask for references and be certain to call each reference provided and ask about up-time and communication. neteffect technologies proudly posts our client’s satisfaction scores on the homepage of the website. These scores are automatically fed through an interactive system eliminating static scores.

neteffect technologies’ cyber security experts attempt to exploit your business’ vulnerabilities and strategize with you to prevent any possible attacks. They specifically diagnose your network’s threats and offer ways to remediate them.

In the instance of a natural disaster, having a plan already in place aids greatly in avoiding closing your company, either while you scramble to get everything back up and running or permanently. We offer data backup and disaster recovery plans in addition to business continuity. We work with your budget and assess the level of risk to create a disaster recovery plan to fit your unique business. If a storm is being predicted by the weather service, it’s a bit late. Plan ahead.