At neteffect technologies, we are proud to be one of the Carolina’s top providers of Managed IT Services. In business since 1991, we’ve always found it as part of our responsibility to provide Technology Managers and Business Executives working in the Charlotte Small/Medium Business community access to the latest and most innovative and proven technologies, traditionally accessible only to larger organizations. IT Managers appreciate our expertise and ability to augment their department’s technology output.


Proactive Managed IT Services to help you reduce costs, increase profits, and mitigate risk.

Why consider looking for managed IT services? At some point, the unexpected will happen. A virus or malware will attack your company’s email system. A server will go down. Or Mother Nature will decide we’re due for a lightning storm or flood.

The time it takes to get 100% back up and running can be painful. You’re sitting around waiting for the assessment, the order, and the installation. And you’re thinking about the cost that wasn’t budgeted, the employees who can’t work, and the customers who are frustrated.

An alternative is to take a proactive approach to your technology.

Our managed IT services offer a comprehensive solution for supporting and managing the overall health of your entire network. Our support plans ensure that everything functions properly, and stays protected and secure against threats and disasters. With a combination of tools, we monitor, manage, and historically track key performance metrics, allowing us to recommend and provide data-backed network enhancements.

Any aspect of your IT support can be fully managed, below is a sampling of some of the offerings we focus on

Our netCare managed services are customized for your business needs and budgetary requirements.

  • Desktop Management services support your users, their PCs, and local peripheral devices such as smartphones, tablets, scanners, and printers.
  • Server Management encompasses the day-to-day operations and maintenance of your servers to ensure maximum uptime, security, and efficient operations.
  • Network Management services support your business’ infrastructure. Routers, switches, firewalls, and other standard networking equipment are monitored, maintained, and managed, just like the rest of your network.
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer) services give you guidance on your technology decisions. A dedicated team will provide you with strategic growth plans, project management, and input on almost any IT issue.

Managed IT Services works perfectly for companies that do not have an on-staff IT department and for ones that need support. It can be right sized to help you reduce IT costs and downtime.

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Managed IT Services Can Help…

  • Proactive support and maintenance of antivirus software, security patches, and updates to protect against costly downtime, lost data, and security breaches.
  • 24×7 monitoring and management supports continual uptime.
  • Guaranteed response times give you confidence that any problems will be addressed promptly.
  • Predictable IT support costs help you budget accurately.
  • Key IT personnel can focus on strategic projects, not basic systems support and maintenance.

IT Support Services

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. It affects not only your organization’s efficiency and security, but also your bottom line. If your staff is spending as much — or more — time dealing with IT issues than on growing your business, you are probably losing money.

Instead, consider outsourcing your IT services and support to a managed IT service provider. IT service providers like neteffect technologies provide the expertise and resources to keep your systems up and running efficiently, with less hassle to you and your staff.

If you’re in the market for managed IT services, here are some key questions to ask candidate vendors:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What are your business hours?
  • Do you charge extra for after-hours, weekend, and emergency services?
  • How many people staff your support organization?
  • Can you fix my problem remotely?
  • Do you provide proactive support?
  • What do you monitor on my network?
  • Can you provide a single contact for all of my technology needs (i.e., phone systems support, vendor management, IT services)?
  • What is your response time?
  • What options are provided for backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity?

Price is always a factor in any vendor decision but, given the critical nature of IT services, you’d be wise to not compromise experience and expertise for discount prices. You will get what you pay for, and low introductory rates could turn into significant increases for essential add-ons down the line.

neteffect technologies has been providing proven IT solutions since 1991. Our clients, many of whom have been with us since the beginning, rely on us to keep their IT systems up and running properly. We offer exemplary service, commitment, and efficient results with a proven track record, and we’ve consistently been two years ahead of the competition when it comes to utilizing the best tools to support our clients.

Premier Managed IT Services Provider in Charlotte and the Carolinas

Your company’s reach is beyond North & South Carolina, so should your IT provider’s reach. neteffect technologies IT support reaches far beyond Charlotte, across all of North America. And because we practice what we preach, we leverage the latest innovative technologies to provide unrivaled support for our clients. Our vast network of trained and certified field engineers is always accessible no matter how geographically dispersed we are.

neteffect will respond to any situation and any obstacle. We will dispatch field engineers quickly to get issues resolved. Better yet, we will help you with testing your systems to ensure that we avoid the pitfalls of being in a reactive instead of proactive state.

By leveraging automation, we maintain our quality in the field, interfacing with your team, reporting on performance, and managing the partnership. neteffect technologies manages each customer engagement based on our performance metrics and the client’s KPIs. Our team of engineers and the knowledge base and experience provide our customers an unmatched advantage to deploy multiple locations while staying on schedule, within specifications, and on budget.

IT Help Desk

Improve Operational Efficiencies; Gain Access to IT Support When You Need It

Help desk services offer your company a rapid, knowledgeable, cost-effective way to answer your staff’s IT questions and solve problems. Users can quickly reach out to the pool of talented engineers available on neteffect technologies’ help desk, rather than waiting for a specific engineer to answer questions and fix problems.

A help desk ticket is generated for each report, providing users with an easy way to check on and track the status of their issues. By analyzing help-desk reports, neteffect technologies can review company history logs, identify repetitive issues, and recommend solutions to persistent problems.

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