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Cloud Solutions

Struggling to find a cloud solution that’s right for your network? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming considering cloud solutions that need to provide data security, remote accessibility, and, of course, bandwidth to handle all the needs of your organization.

neteffect technologies partners with your business to deliver a customized strategy that aligns with your budget and your timeline. We help you incorporate what you need to accomplish your immediate goals and prepare for your future needs. Our cloud IT services can be any combination of private, hosted, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

Contemporary Solutions for Modern Businesses

Your network is a vital part of your organization. That’s why neteffect technologies goes beyond network infrastructure and takes your entire business into consideration when providing recommendations. Your cloud infrastructure solution can be managed by your staff or outsourced depending on your setup and business goals.

Today’s businesses need the capability to work remotely using personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Implementing a cross-location, cross-device strategy not only makes good business sense—it’s becoming mandatory.

The question becomes how to make business applications and data available securely, efficiently, and seamlessly across platforms. Not every workload or application is right for the cloud. Most businesses still need on-premises IT infrastructure in addition to cloud solutions.

Having an appropriate hybrid infrastructure has become the key to meeting all business, regulatory, and budgetary requirements. However, not all providers have on-premises offerings or the team necessary to install and manage them. neteffect technologies has the professionals and technology modern businesses need to create the best hybrid solutions for their IT services.

Why Cloud?

Cloud provides features you might not have in your on-premises infrastructure. The ability to pick up new resources without procuring hardware, high availability, and geographic redundancy are some of the most beneficial features. However, one of the most overlooked benefits of managed cloud infrastructure is time reclamation. Your IT staff no longer maintains or builds as much infrastructure, which results in more time to focus on core business tasks.


Taking physical servers and providing a hypervisor to isolate hardware from software is a key technology to support today’s businesses. It transforms what is on your local server into a virtual machine that can better utilize today’s powerful hardware. It can also move among servers—both cloud and on-premises—without reconfiguration.

IT services are easier and less expensive to implement and manage with virtualization. Applications can be deployed faster, significantly increasing performance and availability. You can also consolidate your hardware, offering higher productivity from fewer servers. Computers can run multiple operating systems and applications, simplifying your infrastructure requirements.

With virtualization, your business can utilize the security, redundancy, and performance of high-end data centers while providing a flexible and secure work environment for employees at a reasonable cost.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote desktop services allow you to install applications, conduct maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, and upgrades for a lower cost. Because software is installed on a host server machine, companies can often consolidate software licenses while still ensuring employees can access the tools they need to do business, whether in or out of the office.

You can also better control hardware costs with remote desktop services. The host computer does the heavy lifting, so remote users have hardware with far lower requirements that are less expensive. Employees can pick up seamlessly where they left off with all the same windows, applications, and files open, ready for them to jump back into work.

In an increasingly connected business world, remote desktop services allow employees, clients, and partners to be connected anywhere in the world. Having the ability to do business conveniently without being tied to a desk during normal business hours is a powerful tool.

Cloud Migration Services

neteffect technologies helps you migrate your business to the cloud in order of priority. It’s important to not migrate everything at one time. Planning out how the migration will work provides simpler administration and management in the long run, as well as overall lower operating expenses. Soon enough, your business will appreciate the ease of access and increased efficiencies of cloud IT services.

Cloud File and Application Services

neteffect technologies offers a variety of cloud file and application services to meet your business needs, including:

File Sharing & Sync Services

Our remote file sync services mean you can access your key business data anywhere simply by logging into your secure cloud storage without setting up a remote desktop. You can connect to your calendar, email, task lists, contacts, and other tools so they stay synchronized across your phone, computers, and tablets, keeping you up-to-date on any device.

Office 365

With adherence to standards like HIPAA, DPAS, FISMA, and FERPA, plus more than 900 built-in compliance controls, you can know that your organization’s data is always secure and compliant when moving to the cloud with Office 365.

Hosted email is a primary business communications tool, yet it’s also one of the major avenues for security threats to get into your company. neteffect technologies offers hosted email solutions as part of your cloud IT services to help secure your network against email-delivered threats.

Offloading email and storage from your premises to our cloud servers not only safeguards your incoming email, but also streamlines business processes through enhanced email indexing, attachment and message archiving, and simplified search that improves access to your critical records.

Our encryption solutions protect your email communications and other business data against the threat of lost or stolen business laptops, smartphones, tablets, and mobile storage devices that fall into the hands of outsiders.

Hosted Applications

Hosted applications make it simple to use, maintain, and update business software. Because applications are installed and stored on an internet server rather than on each individual computer or device, they can be accessed anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection.

A key benefit of hosted solutions is that they greatly ease software administration. Updates and maintenance happen behind the scenes and are automatically available across an entire organization, even one with multiple local, regional, and international offices. The hosted server efficiently handles software maintenance and installations from one central location.

Spam & Virus Protection

Viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, and social engineering attacks often come through email and are a very real threat to your business. It’s critical that your network can identify and stop security threats without hindering business productivity.

neteffect technologies provides IT support by setting your systems to scan incoming email for security threats and stops them from activating and attacking your network. Files are also analyzed as they are opened, copied, or saved to prevent any threats from sneaking in. Scheduled and on-demand antivirus scans add an extra layer of protection without draining your computing resources, eliminating the worry that malware might enter your network.

Get Started With Cloud Solutions Today

What’s the best solution for your organization when using the cloud for access and data security? The sky is the limit when you work with neteffect technologies. We help you determine the best-use case for your business from both a technology and financial standpoint. Scalability, flexibility, and security are all concerns we help you navigate. Contact us today to get started with your cloud IT services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can my business gain from adopting cloud solutions?

Cloud solutions offer numerous advantages, including cost savings, improved scalability, enhanced data security, increased collaboration, and easy access to the latest software updates. It also enables seamless remote work capabilities for your employees.

Are cloud solutions scalable as my business grows?

Absolutely! Cloud solutions are highly scalable, allowing you to easily adjust your resources as your business requirements change. You can seamlessly increase or decrease storage, computing power, and other resources based on your needs.

How is the performance and reliability of cloud solutions?

Cloud solutions offered by neteffect technologies are built on robust and reliable infrastructure. Our data centers ensure high availability, redundancy, and advanced monitoring to maintain optimal performance and uptime for your applications and services.