neteffect technologies helps IT Managers with meeting their goals on time and within budget. Is there a project you need help with? Use our team of engineers, knowledgeable in all the latest and great technologies. They are here for you to be able to capitalize on their expertise and years of experience. Why spend your time with license expirations, and managing firewalls? Utilize us for your IT needs from Wireless Design & Implementation, Cloud Navigating (Private, Public, Hybrid, Multi), Network Design & Installation, Firewall and Security issues, or whatever your technology dilemma might be.


Add neteffect to your arsenal of resources

Every business has dozens of IT projects that need to be done but keep getting delayed because no one has the time or resources to accomplish them. The problem is that these undone projects may be leaving your company’s data, security, budget, and compliance vulnerable — and, in turn, putting the business at risk.

IT Managers appreciate the skills neteffect brings to the table, adding to their own arsenal of resources. Our team of engineers and technical support staff will work with you and your team to have a deep understanding of your business, its unique problems, objectives, budget constraints, and timeframe to help leverage technologies to help you plan for the future.

neteffect technologies delivers innovative, reliable, and efficient IT services that minimize frustration and produce significant technology cost savings for your business. Our team of on-shore IT experts works out of our Charlotte office and are available to meet with you in person or by phone. Our agile development methods accelerate progress and allow us to scale to meet your company’s needs. Get critical IT projects done without compromising already stressed business resources.

IT Projects

How could we help you achieve your goals? Here is a listing of some of the services we offer on a project basis:

  • Firewall, Intrusion Detection, and Other Security Solutions
  • Security Audits
  • Network Configuration
  • Data Migrations
  • Office 365 / Exchange Migrations
  • Technology Process Audits
  • Business Technology Processes Audits
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Virtual CISO/CIO/CSO/CTO services
  • Hosted PBX & VoIP Installations
  • Call Accounting & Reporting
  • Carrier Services
  • Sip Trunking
  • Interim Staffing
  • Server License Upgrade
  • Office Moves & Relocations / Network Closet Cleaning
  • Software Licensing Audits
  • Hardware Installations
  • Videoconferencing, Security Cameras, and Digital Signage

IT Project Management & Implementation

Get critical IT projects done without compromising already stressed business resources. Following are some of the most common projects neteffect technologies manages on behalf of companies:

  • Upgrades & Implementations
    Planning and executing upgrades to firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi devices, operating systems, productivity software suites, storage, servers, etc. to help secure your IT systems and stay ahead of next year’s needs.
  • Security
    Firewall logs show that hackers are scanning your business’ networks every day. Every single day. Automated security scanning helps find and remediate vulnerabilities quickly, then we put systems in place to keep hackers out. neteffect technologies can assist you with firewall recommendations, intrusion detection, vulnerability protection, and other security technologies.
  • Server Consolidation
    Consolidating servers can help you reduce costs associated with hardware, maintenance, power, space, and more. Whether you configure physical boxes to handle more tasks or virtualize everything you can, server consolidation is a project that takes a lot of time but can save even more money over time.
  • Migrating Data to the Cloud
    Many organizations want to move their data to the cloud for financial, security, or other reasons, but there are many factors to consider when planning a cloud migration. For example, do you need a 100% secure environment, or would you give up a little security for lower costs? The professional engineering team at neteffect technologies has the experience and know-how to analyze your company’s compliance, availability, speed, and other requirements and provide you with a cloud solution that is perfect for your needs and your budget.
  • IT Equipment Inventory and Software Licensing
    It’s that time again – time to do a complete inventory of IT equipment and software licensing. But who has the time to do it? Outsource this project to neteffect technologies and take it off your to-do list.
  • Internet Bandwidth Improvements
    Is your staff productivity hindered by limited Internet bandwidth? neteffect technologies can help uncover bandwidth hogs and implement strategies to open up bottlenecks.

Colocation Services

Top-of-the-Line Secure Data Center Access Without Steep Capital Expenditures and Ongoing Personnel Costs

It’s no secret that building and maintaining facilities to house your mission-critical data and software applications in a secure environment can be very expensive. In addition to the cost of constructing and maintaining the data center itself, there’s the ongoing expense for skilled talent to manage the facility.

Colocation facilities offer businesses a smart alternative to building and maintaining a private data center. Colocation facilities allow businesses to “rent” the highly skilled personnel and top-of-the-line equipment, gaining secure data and application services without hitting their operating expenses with steep infrastructure investments.

Colocation facilities are designed with redundant systems to ensure clients near-100% network uptime, even during a power failure. Monitoring devices warn of potential issues before they happen, allowing IT administrators to make corrections to avoid outages. High levels of security guarantee that your mission-critical data is available only to you, but not vulnerable to hackers, at all times. Some collocation facilities offer 24x7x365 support, providing peace of mind that someone will always be available to offer assistance.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a colocation facility, including fee structures, infrastructure offerings, and level of service that best fits your needs.


Help Desk Services

Service IT Ticket Requests Easier and Faster with Less Aggravation

neteffect can provide you and your IT department with a ticketing system “Streamline IT” that gives your internal IT staff complete control of and visibility into both routine and emergency IT maintenance issues. It enables you to create your own ticketing system and track IT projects, help-desk requests, routine maintenance, and other IT services, ultimately giving you tighter control of network issues, improving response times, and increasing your ability to handle service and support, project management, and business development.

StreamlineIT seamlessly integrates with neteffect technologies, giving you complete control to manually escalate tickets to our service desk when additional IT services are required. It also leads to happier employees, who can track the progress of their own IT service requests rather than peppering your IT department with anxious emails and phone calls.

StreamlineIT enables IT managers to better monitor project progress and manage workloads with the following core features:

  • Service Board provides immediate insight into the scope and significance of open IT issues. Services may then be prioritized based on what’s most important to stakeholders.
  • Dispatch Portal organizes resources so IT managers can immediately see which staff members are working at capacity, overextended, or underutilized. This maximizes staff resources and monitors important project milestones.
  • Reports offer detailed, key metrics of both employee and department performance that validate the IT department’s contributions. It becomes easy to identify where improvements are needed or when to provide direction for replicating past successes in new arenas.
    Projects offer insight into strategic company initiatives and allow IT managers to more effectively work to meet key deadlines and business objectives.
  • Configurations give visibility into fixed IT assets, so managers know exactly how systems are integrated. This provides optimized utilization, functionality, and performance, and helps the IT department become the model of efficiency for an entire company.

Sometimes companies have IT Managers that are overwhelmed and appreciate the availability of being able to outsource functions, but not the entire operation. Help Desk can be outsourced and everything else maintained in-house or Help Desk can stay in-house, and projects are outsourced. Regardless of the situation at hand, an outsourced solution is available while maintaining control.

XaaS: Everything as a Service

Access to the Latest and Great Technologies Without High Capital Expenditures

What is XaaS?
Technology changes constantly, and businesses pay the price for trying to keep aging technologies working. Not only are there higher costs for repair and maintenance, productivity suffers as staff wait for slow, outdated equipment to respond. We offer options for companies that want to avoid the capital investment of keeping servers, workstations, networking equipment (routers/switches), and other hardware up to date.

As an IT Manager, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need to be available on an “as-a-service” model? You’ve heard of HaaS (Hardware as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). The X is a culmination of these, referring to “everything” as a service. If you appreciate how HaaS works, try XaaS. Unlimited services, offered in easy to manage, budgetable, “all-in” solutions.

Our all-inclusive support provides you with what your business needs (hardware, service, support) needed to run your office. No longer are you required to purchase equipment, software and appropriate a support organization.

For a fixed monthly fee, XaaS offers your business:

  • Increased working capital
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Refreshed networks, servers, and other hardware
  • Support and repair included
  • Up-to-date software
  • Regular replacement of computer hardware