Whether you operate a 24/7 call center or want to incorporate remote-based employees into your network, neteffect technologies has the telecom solution for you, making sure every call comes through loud and clear. Yesteryear’s phone systems, which locked you at your desk waiting for important phone calls, will compromise your productivity, effectiveness, mobility, and competitiveness in today’s business market. We can proactively maintain your system, provide detailed reporting, 24/7 monitoring, and customer support solutions. Lack of connectivity results in a lack of business. Today’s on-premise telecom systems and hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone systems are built to enhance and give you control over your company communications. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, at home, or practically anywhere else, you won’t risk missing an important phone call with our Business Telecom Solutions.


Total Connectivity

Today’s telephone systems are built to enhance and give you control over your company communications. Whether your business utilizes an on-premise telephone system, or you have a hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP), you can work in the office or work remotely, and you won’t miss any important phone calls. You can also easily contact your coworkers without having to call multiple numbers before you reaching them.

neteffect technologies partners with leading telephone vendors, ensuring our clients have access to the best, most reliable technology on the market. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assess your needs and match your organization with the right business communications solution to keep you connected.

Yesteryear’s phone systems, which locked you at your desk waiting for important phone calls, will compromise your productivity, effectiveness, mobility, and competitiveness in today’s business market.

Here’s what you should expect from your Business Phone System:

  • Freedom from any desk, purpose-designed to keep you connected no matter where you’re working, at the office or remotely
  • Turn your mobile device into a key business asset, not one more technology to manage
  • Ability to move from desk to desk and take calls without involving the IT or telecom department
  • Call transfer capability to satellite offices or home-based workers as easily as if they were in the office next door
  • Voicemails delivered to your email to retrieve, archive, or forward anywhere, anytime
  • Automate access to your contacts with desktop call control options or custom integration with your CRM applications
  • Replace costly travel expenses for face-to-face meetings with videoconferencing solutions, custom designed for your company’s needs

You will have access to the best, most reliable technologies in the market. Our knowledgeable staff will help you assess your organization’s needs and match the right business communications solution.

Call Center Solutions

Dial Away, with neteffect technologies’ Call Center Solutions

neteffect technologies call center solutions provide everything from call routing to multi-media call center needs.

Our collaborative approach to call center solutions and support makes sure that every dial counts for your team. Comprehensive tracking and reporting services help proactively identify KPI’s, helping improve business efficiencies turning the call center into a profit center. Our Charlotte-based engineers work with your team to assess your company’s needs and provide the right services as your company scales.

Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Save Money on Your Phone Bill and Hardware

Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) utilize your data network to provide voice services. One practical benefit of this feature is that it can drastically cut your organization’s phone bill and up-front hardware expenses. Another is that since the telephone services are delivered as a service, you can deploy exactly the feature and application set your business requires.

Whether or not you have complex configurations with advanced call routing requirements, or even if your business has basic telephony needs, hosted VoIP enables your organization to easily access many of the technology features large enterprises enjoy.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Gain 100% Control Over Equipment Configurations

For companies that need intricate integrations of door boxes, key strikes, paging and other peripheral devices, on-premise systems may still provide the best bang for buck for your needs.  Because on-premise telephone systems are housed locally at your office, you gain 100% control over configurations on your equipment. There are many reasons to consider on prem as a viable option. Let us partner with you to find the right solution.

Most on-premise systems require you to purchase equipment, which could be a deterrent to organizations concerned about the initial capital outlay. However, depending on the size of your organization, on-premise systems may be more cost effective than hosted solutions when you factor the monthly fees over time. It’s not uncommon for organizations with more than 15 staff members to find that on-premise systems are a better value versus hosted VoIP.

Organizations that want on-premise telephony, but are concerned about the high capital investment, may find leasing or Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) a smart option. A side benefit of HaaS is that the hardware is refreshed every 36 months, ensuring that your on-premise system’s technology is never outdated.

SIP Trunking Services

Consolidate Voice and Data to One Platform

SIP trunking enables your business to reduce telecommunication costs by taking advantage of a “virtual” telephone line instead of physical wires and utilizes your data line for phone services. Purchase only the trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent calls your business requires. SIP trunking makes it seamless to move your telecom services when you change business locations. Perhaps your office is moving. Rather than having to relocate your network and your voice services, a lengthy and costly process, with SIP trunking all you need is an Internet connection, and you can keep your phone numbers, regardless of where you move. SIP trunking saves businesses money by eliminating the need for local public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways, ISDN basic rate interfaces (BRIs), and primary rate interfaces (PRIs).

Internet & Carrier Services

Our Access to Major Carriers Gives Clients a Better Way to Find the Right Provider

Are your Internet and Carrier Services meeting your business’ needs? If you’re not sure, let neteffect technologies help you find the right fit for your organization.

We partner with all the major Internet and Carrier Service providers, making neteffect technologies your “one-stop shopping” source. We’ll analyze your unique needs and help you find the best solution for your organization. Whether you’re a one-person office or a large company with multiple locations, our access to a wide array of carriers helps us easily identify the right solutions for you.

A Sampling of the carriers we represent are as follows:

  • Windstream
  • Spirit
  • Century Link
  • AT&T
  • Spectrum

Employee Mobility

Enable Your Staff to Take Calls to One Number Anywhere They Are

Today’s telephone systems aren’t what they used to be even 10 years ago. It’s a dynamic technology that has the ability to reach your staff anywhere, on the multitude of devices they use every day, on a single phone number.

Whether you have salespeople working remotely, fieldworkers at customer locations, teleworkers in home offices, or office staff, they won’t miss critical business calls no matter where they are located, and on whatever device they are using (even their own smartphones).

Keep Your Employees and Customers Connected with Innovative Options for Call Routing:

  • Ring multiple stations/phones in a series or sequence
  • Fully functioning Mobile Extensions ( cell phone to PBX).
  • Use Find me/Follow Me features with simultaneous rings to multiple destinations.
  • Transfer calls received on a mobile device back to your office phone with the touch of a button.

To see how neteffect can provide better service for your network, give us a call—we’ll be able to hear you loud and clear.

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Skype for Business

Manage the Office Remotely, Face to Face

Skype for Business offers an abundance of features that boost productivity and encourage collaboration. For instance, up to 250 people can join an impromptu Skype conference. Plus, Skype’s price tag is among the most affordable in the industry. Skype operates on all devices, from your desktop to your smartphones, making it easy for users to link up and communicate with each other and helping each other stay on top of their business, ideas, projects, and more.

Skype for Business is easy to install and the learning curve is minimal since it integrates so well with Office 365 and products that everyone is familiar with when it comes to its operation. The whole idea behind Skype for Business and Office 365 is to ensure your communications don’t operate in silos, truly embracing the Unified Communications philosophy.