Is Your In-House IT Staff Recharging While On Vacation

In 2013, a survey conducted by TEKsystems indicated that 67% of IT workers are interrupted on their work vacations because of work-related IT issues. Businesses who are that reliant upon an IT worker need to reexamine how their operations are run on a daily basis. There is a need for businesses to function without this all-important IT worker. The problem is, according to that same survey, that 80% of those companies made no arrangements to compensate for that vacationing IT worker. That is the real issue.

It is also not uncommon. IT technicians are called quite often when they are not at work. Many businesses expect their IT techs to be available around the clock and multiple surveys revealed that the number of businesses with that expectation are on the rise every year. The reality is that it’s not fair to that IT worker, nor is it conducive to a business to be so reliant on one person.

Advanced technology makes it easy for businesses to contact their IT specialists. All it takes is the push of a button. So there is virtually no escaping the grind of a workweek that never seems to end for IT professionals, especially those at a senior level.

Every employee needs some down time to recharge their batteries and escape the pressing demands of work. Good managers recognize this fact and emphasize the importance of rest. Rest without interruption also enables employees to function more efficiently when they do return to work. Businesses should want all of their employees to function that way. So when it comes time to give an IT tech some well-deserved time off, there is a need to make sure that its business as usual at the office.

That is where neteffect technologies steps in to help. Outsourcing a company’s IT functions to neteffect technologies enables daily operations to run smoothly. Then, IT workers can actually enjoy some real time off. And if there are any issues, neteffect technologies will provide a solution. Routine maintenance, updates, backups and virus scans all fall into the capable hands of neteffect technologies.

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