What Does Your IT Budget Look Like

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which makes the subject of IT budgeting a little more prominent in people’s minds. There needs to be considerable thought into how much your business will be spending on IT compared to how much it is willing to spend. This can be a confusing situation with a lot of figures, projections and unfamiliar terminology. But you don’t have to make this important decision all by yourself.

neteffect technologies has an extensive amount of experience assisting businesses when it comes to technology, forecasting and budgets. At neteffect technologies, one of our core beliefs is that IT is one of the more integral components of a company’s budget. Every year, there is a natural increase in expenditure. Now, more than ever, companies are making substantial investments in the area of cyber security. Those investments increase every year as there is an ongoing need for tech solutions than ever before. Some of the more important areas to be considered are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile technology
  • Security
  • Big data analytics


Cloud Computing

Businesses are continuously changing the way they operate with cloud computing. ComputerWorld projects that more than 40 percent of businesses are going to incorporate a host of cloud infrastructures within the upcoming year. This includes private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and community clouds. Cloud computing provides such versatility that businesses can discover exactly what they need in order to operate more efficiently.

neteffect technologies offers the opportunity to equip your business with the cloud solution that fits best. Access, security and all the benefits that come with cloud service can be yours with the help of neteffect technologies.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is changing the way business is being conducted as company employees work from anywhere. Part of that includes secure WiFi networks, more efficient access tools and mobile device management systems. With the addition of each mobile device on the infrastructure comes the concern for reliable security. It is also important to note that mobile applications are not all secure and business transactions are not ideally conducted on unsecured WiFi networks. neteffect technologies can provide help ensuring the security of business transactions and network infrastructure.


The annual IT budgeting report as reported by ComputerWorld indicated that 46 percent of the companies involved are planning an increase in security expenditures. This is not surprising considering the amount of legitimate threats over the past year. But it does not take a multi-million dollar budget to provide adequate security. A flat-rate monthly fee provides your business with exceptional security solutions through neteffect technologies’ managed services, maintaining your company’s network infrastructure. There is enough to worry about just conducting daily business.

Big Data Analytics

The analysis of large amounts of data at a rapid rate is becoming a more popular business trend. This is also a way for your business to create new marketing possibilities and enhance overall sales. ComputerWorld’s recent survey reports that 38 percent of IT leaders will issue an increase in what they spend on big data analytics in 2016. Big data analytics introduces a lot of raw data and businesses are becoming more open to using the proper tools that will help in decoding and organizing that data.

Finding trends in data is made easy and will enable businesses to keep up with the latest industry developments.

The future is now

Outsourcing IT functions through neteffect technologies can wind up putting more money on your bottom line while also eliminating the need to hire more staff to meet the daily demands of your business. neteffect technologies’ services offer flat-rate solutions that accommodate all budget requirements.

To learn more contact the team at neteffect technologies by calling 704-504-9040. Top quality IT service and support await you along with an IT roadmap that can lead your business to a future full of success.