Google Fiber’s Progress in Charlotte

Google Fiber is improving cities from within and now Charlotte has joined that list of cities. Google Fiber is an actual on-site location service that brings cable television and broadband Internet directly to subscribers.

The first city to introduce this service was Kansas City and since that introduction in 2012, Google Fiber has broadened its reach to several other cities, including Charlotte.

The service is also available to more than just residential homes. Now, Charlotte area landlords have the option of bringing Google Fiber into their multi-unit dwellings. However, property owners must take the necessary steps to make their structures fiber ready. Businesses can also benefit from Google Fiber, which brings more adaptability.

There is no sign of technology slowing down and it is imperative for businesses to stay up to date. Companies need to utilize the most prominent bandwidth and Google Fiber far exceeds ordinary bandwidth by a speed of 100 times faster. There is also no sign that Google Fiber will slow down anytime soon as its bandwidth is only expected to increase in speed.

The Google Fiber service is provided via small huts, which have been leased throughout the city of Charlotte. Every hut has the capability of bringing service to homes within 30 miles. The service can also be provided to more than 20,000 homes directly from one of those huts.

While this may seem like a new concept to some, Google has stayed one step ahead by introducing a sort-of help service to new vendors who have made the switch to Google Fiber. This has been labeled the Google Fiber Academy, with the first one opening up in Atlanta. It is yet another way for Google to maintain customer satisfaction, which could spell trouble down the line for its competitors

Charlotte was not chosen by accident as it has a tech community which is very open to new and innovative ways to expand tech capabilities into the next generation. It was early in 2015 when Google announced that it had indeed selected Charlotte to become one of its ‘fiber cities.’

Reasons for Charlotte qualifying as a ‘fiber city’ include the continuous growth the city has shown over the past decade and its reputation as being a city that is very focused on business. Furthermore, seven Fortune 500 companies are based out of Charlotte.

Charlotte’s process of obtaining permits also fit right in with Google’s agenda as there is no need to take extraordinary lengths to securing the necessary permitting. That helped moved the process along and provided one more reason why Charlotte would make an ideal fiber city.

There is more room for creativity and launchability with Google Fiber. With more gigabit size and faster speeds, the way of the future for business in Charlotte is expected to run through Google Fiber.

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