cybersecurity for small businesses

5 Easy Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses are often targeted in cyberattacks because they typically don’t have as many resources as large businesses to safeguard their data. However, cybersecurity is just as important for small companies as it is for large enterprises. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to implement effective cybersecurity solutions for your business. Many changes […]
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Let’s Take a Look at 5 Common Security Risks for Businesses

Cybersecurity has become more relevant than ever for businesses of all sizes. Since a single cyberattack can cost tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars in damages, they have the potential to bankrupt small or medium-sized businesses. Understanding the most common risks companies face when it comes to cybersecurity is essential for controlling and […]
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Is VoIP the Best Option for Your Business?

Voice-over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a way to make and receive calls using the internet rather than a landline, also called an on-premises setup. VoIP offers many benefits for business owners, but is it the right option for your particular business? Let’s take a closer look at the difference between a landline setup and […]
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malware - common causes of data security breaches

3 Common Causes of Data Security Breaches

Dealing with a data breach is something no business ever wants to face. However, research shows most companies will deal with some type of data breach, especially as the frequency of attacks is on the rise. A data breach can mean more than the loss of a business’ sensitive information—it can also damage their reputation […]
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working with a proactive it firm

5 Reasons to Choose a Proactive IT Firm

If you’ve decided to partner with an IT firm to manage some or all of your company’s IT, you’re taking an important step that could improve the efficiency and growth of your business. However, not all Charlotte IT services are created equal. Choosing the right firm is essential to investing in solutions that make sense […]
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security issue - log4j vulnerability

Log4j Vulnerability Could Affect Businesses for Years to Come

A vulnerability in Log4j, an open-source Java-based logging framework, has allowed hackers to deploy remote code execution to corrupt systems. Apache announced the Log4j flaw on December 9, 2021. Hackers can use the vulnerability to access and steal data and install ransomware. In some cases, they may also be able to exploit the flaw to […]
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protect yourself against holiday cyber attacks

Warning: Your Critical Infrastructure is at a Higher Risk this Holiday Season

As we’re all preparing to pack up our desks and celebrate Thanksgiving and the holiday season with our families and friends, the FBI and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) have issued a reminder to stay vigilant against critical infrastructure and ransomware attacks. Malicious attackers, unfortunately, work through all holidays and during this busy […]
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