Windows 10 helps prepare students for the future with skills needed for work and life

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34% less time spent by school IT departments on security issues and stronger protections overall? Yeah, schools deserve that too.

Today, there is so much focus on the cybersecurity of businesses, the threats they face, and the solutions available to them, that we often overlook the fact that our schools are at risk too. Schools need and, more importantly, deserve stellar security as much as any for-profit business.

That is why Windows 10 made security both more effective and more manageable than ever. neteffect technologies LLC is ready to help you take control of your school’s security.

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Customer Story: Critical to curricular success – Bridgeport’s Windows 10 pilot and scale journey

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Bridgeport has interwoven technology into the very fabric of their curriculum. From teacher collaboration to STEM-specific program training, Bridgeport’s magnet high schools, such as Fairchild Wheeler, are the perfect example of what a modern classroom can be.

At neteffect technologies LLC, we like to think of the Bridgeport story not as an ideal to be put on a pedestal, but as a reminder that modern classrooms are achievable for school districts, no matter their size. Contact us to learn more about bringing the modern classroom to your district.

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Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice

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As individuals, students carry within them a variety of interests and potential for multiple talents. If we encourage our students to pursue their passions, shouldn’t we encourage them to pursue all of them?

The tools provided through Microsoft Education can support students as they pursue a variety of interests from engineering to poetry.

At neteffect technologies LLC, we want to support our students becoming both anything and everything they want. Because why shouldn’t the next great work of literature come from a scientist?

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The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft 365 Education: Improving student learning while reducing cost and effort

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It is every school district’s goal to provide better educational experiences for their students. That’s exactly why these five school districts decided to move to Microsoft 365. Did they achieve it? You bet, and in more ways than one.

Teachers were able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focused on student needs and improving curriculums. Districts were able to save on IT costs and affordably put more devices in students’ hands, moving toward their goal of one-to-one student-to-device ratios. Most importantly, students became more engaged with their studies.

Check out the full results of the study and contact us to learn more about what they could mean for your district.

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More time for teachers. More savings for the district. More opportunities for students.

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No teacher went into the profession to spend time in front of a computer! People became teachers to share knowledge and have a positive impact on students’ lives. Microsoft can help them achieve this by giving valuable time back.

With the efficiencies provided through Microsoft 365 tools, teachers can refocus their time and effort toward more impactful things such as one-on-one time with students, expanding their curriculum to be more inclusive, and pursuing new professional development opportunities. The result is better learning outcomes for students and greater job satisfaction for teachers.

Learn more about this and other exciting benefits of Microsoft 365 in this infographic.

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    Growth of #IoT and the coming #5G revolution bring new #cybersecuritychallenges that must be addressed. Learn how #CISOs can prepare their organizations to protect their networks:

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Intelligent security for the modern workplace

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Imagine if you could:

Identify sensitive information automatically.

Eliminate passwords entirely in favor of biometrics or pins.

Identify, quarantine, and wipe a compromised endpoint all from a single location.

Quantify your security position and gain insights on how to improve it.

All of this and more is possible with Azure Advanced Threat Protection, just one of four valuable tools included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5. Interested in what other tools are available to you? neteffect technologies LLC has the answers to your questions. Contact us to learn more.

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