Want To Be A Remote Worker? Get These Digital Skills

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Tired of being chained to your desk? Do your customers want to brush up on their digital skills so they can easily work remotely?

Now, with #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, working remotely just got a whole lot easier. With #communication tools like calendaring, video conferencing, and instant messaging, you can enable your team to work from almost anywhere, on any device.

Need help building the perfect teamwork solution? Contact our team at neteffect technologies LLC to get started today.

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Customer Story: Clifton Coffee | Work From Anywhere

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For most people, working from the beach is a fantasy, but we can make it a reality for your team. Do we have your attention yet?

With #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, you can empower your employees to work from virtually anywhere, on any device. With features like video conferencing and instant messaging, you can always be connected to your teams.

What are you waiting for? Contact our team at neteffect technologies LLC to learn how our Microsoft Teamwork solutions can make your work dreams a reality.

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The Ultimate Meeting Guide

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It’s no secret that a clearly defined agenda is key to a productive meeting, but how else can you upgrade your company’s meetings?

Productive meetings include meeting time management, note taking, strong accountability, and more, we’ve got you covered with this eBook.

Check out these six helpful tips to learn how to improve your business’ meetings. To learn more about our industry-leading communication solutions, give us a call.

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Help customers work together with Microsoft technology

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Did you know that 83% of employees depend on technology to work together? How are you helping your teams work together to do their best work?

Now, you can offer your team an integrated #Teamworksolution from #Microsoft. By streamlining communication, you can help your employees bring their teams and resources together, connect with users outside the company, and even work remotely.

Why wait? Contact our team at neteffect technologies LLC to get started today.

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Customer Story: Clifton Coffee Overview

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Do you want to improve communication among your employees?

With #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, communication has never been easier. With a single hub for accessing company resources and so many ways for your employees to easily connect with other team members, they can’t lose. Check out this video to learn how @CliftonCoffeeRoasters grew their business by adopting a Microsoft teamwork platform.

Our team at neteffect technologies LLC can help you shake up your teamwork solutions and get the most out of your workday. Contact us to learn more.

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Lackluster Teamwork? Tips For Boosting Performance

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What are you doing to help your teams work better together?

#Teamwork is about more than just changing the way that employees communicate. It’s about understanding the roots of human behavior and putting in the work to keep your employees engaged. Check out this article for tips to boost teamwork in your business.

Need help getting started? Contact our team at neteffect technologies LLC for more on how our #Microsoft Teamwork solutions can help your employees do their best work.

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Customer Story: Clifton Coffee

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How could your company benefit from a better teamwork strategy? Step up your teamwork game with neteffect technologies LLC and Microsoft.

When your employees have a streamlined method of connecting and working together, there’s no limit to what your company can achieve. For @CliftonCoffeeRoasters, the decision to switch to #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft was easy.

Check out this video to see how they leveraged communication technology from Microsoft to grow their business and expand their reach across the UK.

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We All Knew Tech Would Make Work Better

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According to the @NYTimes and @Microsoft, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials.

“For the first time, there are five generations working together–from the youngest of the Greatest Generation to the oldest of Gen Z. After a revolution in the workplace spurred by technology, companies are finding that a balanced approach may be the most effective.”

Our team can help you modernize your workplace to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. Visit http://www.ne-t.com to learn more about our Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions.

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