The Benefits of an Automated Phone System for Small Business

If you have a small business, you know that retaining enough in-house talent to efficiently manage all your operations can be challenging on a budget. One of the ways small businesses can improve customer service and efficiency is with an automatic phone system.

An automatic phone system can direct customers to the correct department or individual without an actual person answering and directing calls. Instead, a computer will handle these tasks. An automated phone system can also place outgoing calls or texts to save your business invaluable time.

What are some other benefits of an automated phone system for small businesses?

Reduce Expenses and Boost Efficiency

If your business receives a high volume of calls, it’s likely you don’t have enough employees to manage the phones and provide the attention your customers need. Instead of hiring one or multiple employees to answer and direct calls, installing an automated phone system can help reduce operational expenses and boost efficiency.

An automated phone system gives customers a menu that will appropriately direct their call. It can also provide basic information that callers may need, such as your location, business hours, policies, customer service, and payment information.

This saves your existing employees from having to answer the same questions or direct similar calls whenever someone contacts your business, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. It also prevents your business from having to hire additional help to manage calls, saving you time and money.

Have More Flexibility to Accommodate Customers

Even if you have a designated person to handle incoming calls, it’s unlikely that that person will be available after regular business hours or on holidays and weekends when calls may come in. Instead of having customers leave messages that employees will have to sift through later, an automated phone system can take calls anytime.

This way, incoming phone calls are handled at all times, even when your employees are unavailable. You can set up the system to direct a customer to call back, provide information about where they can reach support on-call if necessary, or have them leave a message with the appropriate department.

Leverage Analytics and Accomplish More

An automated phone system doesn’t just direct customers, provide information, and allow for more streamlined operations of your business. It can also serve as a way for your business to take payment over the phone without the customer ever speaking to a live person, saving your employees more time from basic tasks such as these so they can focus on your core business operations.

Automated phone systems can also place outgoing calls for promotions, to follow up with a customer, provide information such as new business hours or locations, and more. They can also send texts to your customers instead of phone calls.

In addition, an automated phone system can provide data that your business can use to improve the system over time, such as reports on the average call length, customer satisfaction surveys, repeated calls to your business, and more.

Get Started With the Right Automated Phone System

Although automated phone systems may seem impersonal, they can improve customer service and your business’ reputation when implemented properly. Let neteffect technologies help you design an automated phone system that provides your callers with the best experience while saving your business time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible phone solutions for small businesses, as well as our highly experienced co-managed and managed IT services.