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By the Numbers: A Look at The Cost of Downtime

If your business has never experienced a major computer problem, then it’s easy to underestimate just how damaging downtime can be. This conclusion can be drawn from a recent survey of small business owners, where 65% estimated they would only lose $500 if their company’s network went down for a day. In reality, downtime is […]
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Never Miss Another Call with VoIP Presence

We get it. You are busy, and always on the run. While busyness can be a good thing in certain contexts, one downside of living on a tight schedule is that it makes you miss important phone calls. Now, with VoIP Presence, you’ll never have to miss another important phone call again! Voice over Internet […]
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When Outsourcing is a Good Thing

Outsourcing jobs is never a safe topic to bring up in a group discussion. If you mention “outsourcing,” be prepared to hear nationalistic rhetoric followed by, “They took our jobs!” When outsourcing is done right, it can save your business money, and when you outsource IT services with us, you can rest easy knowing where […]
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