How to Find the VoIP Solution that’s Perfect for Your Business

When it comes to business communications technology, you don’t want to be caught using technology that’s outdated. Thanks to the innovations afforded to your company by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can have access to lots of game-changing telephone features that blow traditional phone systems out of the water. Has your business switched to the VoIP advantage?

VoIP provides businesses with a wide array of phone features, so much so that it can feel overwhelming if you’re new to VoIP. Knowing which features will best enhance your company’s operations is a conversation worth having with a knowledgeable VoIP provider like COMPANYNAME. And unlike working with a multi-national phone company that only views your business as an account number, we’ll take the time to really understand the needs of your SMB because we’re a small business serving AREASERVED, just like you.

VoIP is a communication solution designed for business, which means that its features are scalable and delivered to you in one affordable package. The flexibility offered to your company by VoIP is a nice advantage over being locked into a phone package from a traditional landline company where you may end up paying for more features than what you really need. This billing waste is in addition to paying for long distance phone calls–an age-old expense that VoIP removes from your plate.

Here are some considerations for you to think about when it comes to implementing new VoIP features for your business.

  • Do you have a remote team that you frequently meet with? You will want to make sure to get a robust video conferencing package.
  • Do you travel a lot? You will want an integration for VoIP with your mobile device.
  • What kind of growth is your company expecting to see in the next one or even five years? It’s important that you implement a VoIP system that’s designed to grow with your business, instead of one that gets in the way. COMPANYNAME can assess this technology need for you with our IT roadmap.
  • How much bandwidth do you currently have available? Before signing up for a VoIP package, it’s important to assess your company’s Internet connection so that you’ll have enough bandwidth to operate all of your amazing new VoIP features. COMPANYNAME can check on this for you with your Internet Service Provider.
  • Does your network have an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)? One difference between VoIP, which piggybacks off your company’s IT infrastructure using your Internet connection, and traditional phone systems is that landlines still give the caller the ability to use their phone even when the power goes out. For VoIP, you will want to have a backup power system in place like a UPS so that you won’t miss any calls if the power goes out.
  • Do you have time to manage an in-house VoIP system for your company? When it comes to VoIP, either you can host and manage everything in-house, or we can host it for you offsite where system maintenance is out of sight, out of mind, and off your plate. There are advantages that come with each option. COMPANYNAME can talk you through each of these and set you up with a VoIP solution that’s most advantageous for your business.

Transitioning your business to VoIP is a major deal when it comes to enhancing your company’s communications possibilities, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult move if you have a knowledgeable IT expert like COMPANYNAME walking you through the process. Call us today at PHONENUMBER to get the lowdown on all the money-saving benefits of VoIP.

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