Cloud-based Network Security Offers Flexibility

When considering network and computing infrastructure security for your business, you don’t usually think about about alternative routes of delivery for these solutions; and especially don’t consider that this technology is available without the traditional appliance. Now, comprehensive security solutions for your network, server, and end-user is available as a service, in the cloud.

As more and more businesses are gravitating toward cloud computing in an effort to gain greater computing flexibility and see lower upfront computing costs, IT professionals are considering outsourcing their network security to the cloud for a flat, monthly rate. In order to know if cloud-based security is right for your organization, it requires a full assessment of the security requirements and needs of your business; and your computing capabilities.

COMPANYNAME is the AREASERVED leader in IT-related services and support that can present your organization with all types of cloud-based hosted options that present a business like yours substantial value. Considering pushing your security protocols to the cloud is a big step, but it’s possible. In order to get the best solution for your company you will have to weigh your needs vs. the delivery method.

SECaaS as an Option for Business
The first thing you’ll have to know about a Security as a Service solution is how it’s delivered. As with many other Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings the SECaaS interface is hosted in the provider’s data centers and delivered to you through the Internet. This delivery model ensures that you only pay for the solutions you need. This drives down costs and improves operational efficiency since the solutions allow you to forgo the management of your vendors and software licenses.

Another benefit for businesses is that it offers computing options. Security as a Service allows companies that have chosen to virtualize and maintain a complete hosted infrastructure in the cloud the same bulletproof security as having the Unified Threat Management Appliance connected to your network. This saves on the total cost of capital computing expenditures and presents interesting financing options that are attractive to small and mid-sized businesses.
ext, consider how this cloud-based security system compares to more traditional IT security solutions. These hosted security solutions don’t just deal in antivirus and firewall capabilities. They also include options that most small businesses have trouble with, such as identity management, data protection, event monitoring, and of course, traditional network vulnerability issues that were the impetus for enacting computer security in the first place.

At COMPANYNAME, we understand that businesses are subject to all kinds of nefarious events, such as spam, malware, and phishing attacks, and are constantly looking for the best security solutions without breaking the bank on their IT budget. Cloud-based security solutions could be a great option for your business with its combination of functionality and flexibility. Our experienced technicians can assess your situation and create a solution that has the profitability of your organization in mind. Call COMPANYNAME today at PHONENUMBER.