When Outsourcing is a Good Thing

Outsourcing jobs is never a safe topic to bring up in a group discussion. If you mention “outsourcing,” be prepared to hear nationalistic rhetoric followed by, “They took our jobs!” When outsourcing is done right, it can save your business money, and when you outsource IT services with us, you can rest easy knowing where the work is going.

How Outsourcing with COMPANYNAME is Different
There are major differences between outsourcing an entire factor to a small island in South East Asia, versus having your company’s IT responsibilities outsourced to COMPANYNAME. One difference is regarding geography. We are a local business, just like you, which means that all taxes from the sale will go to help AREASERVED. Also, our technicians live in the area and they too have families and support the local economy.

Another difference between outsourcing to a third world country and good outsourcing with COMPANYNAME is oversight. When a job is outsourced, the supervision of the job will be handed off to someone else who you may not have met. With COMPANYNAME handling your IT work, you can still give your input and direction. You will know exactly what we did, how long it took, and the quality of our work because we make strong efforts to keep you in the loop.

Outsourced IT Work with Accessible Service
When outsourcing your IT services with COMPANYNAME, it will still feel like you have a technology expert in your office because we work hard at maintaining relationships with our clients. This means we are easy to get ahold of, and we can be wherever you need us to be at the drop of a hat, or at the drop of a server that is now in need of repair.

COMPANYNAME has designed our outsourcing IT service to make it easy for you or any of your employees to contact us with a problem. One way we do this is by making IT service available as an all-you-can-eat contracted service, instead of charging you by the hour. This approach means that your employees won’t have to hesitate about calling us for help and worry about being responsible for a big repair bill, meanwhile, the problem only deteriorates, costing the company more money.

We believe an outsourced IT technician should be just as available to help with your technology needs as an onsite technician. We would even go so far as to say that COMPANYNAME is more accessible than an onsite technician because we will never be unavailable due to sick days and vacations; and as Murphy’s Law dictates, when you’re onsite IT technician is out sick, this is when your system will crash.

What about the jobs? Is COMPANYNAME taking the jobs of hard working in-house IT technicians? Not necessarily. We like to think of our approach to IT services as a help to your current IT department, not a job killer. If your IT staff is feeling overwhelmed with their workload, or they’re complaining about all the minor tasks they have to do, such as updates and antivirus scans, then COMPANYNAME can complement your IT department by freeing them up to do more work that requires their expertise.

The biggest benefit to outsourcing is that you’re able to do the same work for less money. This is the only thing that outsourcing your IT with COMPANYNAME, and outsourcing jobs overseas have in common. By outsourcing your IT needs to COMPANYNAME, we will save you time from having to do it yourself and money from having to hire a new in-house technician. Call COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER to learn more!