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Network Risk Assessment: Why Does Your Business Need to Periodically Run One?

No matter the size of your business, network risk assessments should be done routinely. Neglecting to scan your network may result in a data breach that could have been avoided. Small businesses often undervalue the need for network security assuming that they aren’t big enough to attract hackers; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Small businesses are especially enticing to hackers, as obtaining information is often easier, and those small businesses are sometimes linked to larger businesses. Along with continual monitoring, comprehensive risk assessments should be done at least once every two years.

IT service providers like neteffect technologies look for vulnerabilities in your business’ network you may have missed and monitor how well-equipped your network is to handle possible cyber attacks. Outsourcing to IT specialists ensures all weaknesses in your business’ network will be identified and potential security threats will be remedied.

Prevent Threats to Your Business’ Security

A network evaluation discovers system flaws and application vulnerabilities that have potential to be exploited by hackers. In addition, the assessment detects botnets and malware that are present. By gaining a clear vision of the threats in your system, you can work with your managed IT service provider to develop a strategy to prevent future attacks. When an advancement in IT is made, your business is prepared and does not have to worry about introducing new problems.  With this proactive approach, even Zero Day attacks are stopped before they begin.

Finding security flaws is imperative to businesses that must maintain compliance with government and industry security standards, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Social Security Number Privacy Act. Keeping on top of threats to your business’ compliance not only prevents breaches, but can keep your company out of a PR nightmare.

Understand Your Business’ User Productivity

A network analysis performed by an experienced IT provider will also detail your business’ user productivity. Such information fills you in on how your staff is utilizing the technology and applications provided. According to a recent report by Shred-it, 47 percent of businesses blame employee error for a past data breach. With increased business mobility, an employee is likely over time to accidentally lose a company device or click on a hazardous link through an email. In addition, Ponemon Institute found that in 2017, businesses globally lost 3.6 billion dollars in revenue thanks to employee error. Through network analysis, you are given the information on these potential issues that can alter the type of training you offer in the future. Another layer of protection is added to keep your data safe.

By identifying the applications used by your staff, you gain more control over the security of your network. Applications that are able to be used remotely–social media, file sharing, instant messaging–are more accessible to cyber attacks and therefore must be limited and monitored. Strengthening user access policies to a more granular level and overseeing network traffic can help your employees work away from the office without risk.

Identify Gaps in Your Infrastructure’s Security

Attackers tend to access data from devices connected to the internet that are not secured. Wi-fi routers and access points provide an attacker with a window of opportunity if not properly handled. Without the right patches or up-to-date firewalls, your company is at greater risk. Through neteffect technologies’ penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, however, these vulnerabilities will be uncovered and plans put in place for resolution.

Vulnerability assessments scan for issues potentially hazardous to your network’s infrastructure. A report documents not only these issues, but the next steps your business needs to take. neteffect technologies helps to proactively strengthen any weakness in your infrastructure and protect your network from harmful consequences.

Through penetration testing, a more thorough scan will examine your network’s vulnerabilities and determine potential threats. These targeted scans of your cybersecurity will detect even the hardest to find areas of vulnerability, including user productivity. After risks have been assessed initially, a deeper dive could be necessary; penetration testing exploits vulnerabilities in order to further secure your network. Solutions and strategies will be developed to solve any problems.

Importance of Using a Third Party IT Company

Knowing this information, it may seem easier to run your own scan but simply trying to figure out how to conduct such testing may result in disaster, as weak spots in your infrastructure are often easy to miss, putting your business at unnecessary risk. By consulting with an outside company, you have the advantage of years of expertise making sure your network is safe.

A third party company will offer you specific and targeted strategies to secure your network. Once the issues are resolved, the company can continue to monitor your infrastructure, keeping it up-to-date and protected from attacks. All of this is completed while ensuring your business is complying with the government security standards mandatory today.

With a marriage of the knowledge base of our skilled staff and 29 years of experience, neteffect technologies provides a comprehensive analysis of the network. Solely using automated tools often falls short as they alone cannot account for unique thought and capabilities. Adding engineers with skills and experience, along with the ability to synthesize and infer information, can more effectively outsmart hackers and possible attacks.


By 2021, cybercrimes will rack up a global cost of six trillion dollars. While cybercrimes increase both in frequency and damage done, it takes the average company 191 days to discover a data breach. Conducting routine scans and continuously monitoring your network with the help of an outside IT company can give your business the security it needs to stay out of these growing statistics and even save it from closing its doors.

Our goal is to create a safe cyber environment for all businesses. That is why we offer a free risk assessment to businesses. Click here to set yours up today.