neteffect technologies partners with Kaminario

Flash storage may be new and confusing with worries like cost and flash lifespan, not to mention the variety of product approaches, form factors, and vendors. IT challenges surface at fast and furious rates. With IT challenges are new and innovative solutions.  If time is money, continue reading.

Partnering with a leading flash storage company has its benefits and neteffect technologies is proud to expand its relationship with Kaminario, a Massachusetts-based company named a Visionary in Gartner’s “2015 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays” . neteffect technologies is committed to partnerships that are equally vested in providing its mid-size and enterprise clients with the most innovative and revolutionary technology. Kaminario is a perfect partner in this case with the price per gigabyte continuing to fall. Partnering together, neteffect and Kaminario are delivering unparalleled cost efficiencies with an average price of $2/GB.

A new niche at the performance end of the market has been opened, offering hyper-performance data storage. Considered the most cost-effective, no-compromise storage, the flash storage offerings by Kaminario offer consistent and predictable performance and support for physical and virtual mixed workload environments.

Kaminario introduced its latest version of K2, the fifth generation of its all-flash data storage. The K2 has received a long line of endorsements and awards since its inception in 2012. Benefiting from the most modern flash SSD capabilities, the K2 has been built from the ground up, featuring true scale-out and scale-up architecture allowing organizations to grow capacity and performance based on their needs.

neteffect technologies is in the business of providing its clients with unsurpassed products and services and that continues through its partnership with Kaminario. When a few TB of data is required for real-time business intelligence, stock trading, or mission-critical support is necessary, weigh your options by talking with the seasoned professionals at neteffect technologies.

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