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How Our Business Phone Systems Can Help Your Charlotte Company

More connectivity equals more business, and a larger bottom line for your company. We live in a world of total connectivity. As a result, there are now countless ways to stay connected to clients: email, in person, social media, snail mail, and, of course, by phone. For a business to grow, whether it’s to gain clients or customers, to expand reach, or to launch products, connecting to others is vital. On the other hand, losing connectivity will lose business.

Perhaps surprising, but phone calls made to businesses has actually increased as the popularity of mobile phones has increased. 80 percent of business still happens through telecommunication.  According to a Google study, 61 percent of users call a business when looking to make a purchase or receive a quick answer.  Think about the last time your cable went out or you lost your debit card, or how much time you spend on the phone in your pocket. Using a phone is still the go-to in most situations.

Therefore, it remains essential your business uses an up-to-date, efficient, well-monitored phone system. neteffect maintains, closely monitors, and provides solutions for telecom systems 24 hours a day. By using neteffect technologies’ business phone systems, losing connectivity will never be a problem.

How Our Business Phone Systems Can Help Your Company

Increased Face-to-Face Options

Gone are the days where you have to set money aside from travel expenses to attend meetings at satellite offices or with future clients. neteffect can connect your company with Skype for Business, an affordable way to connect face-to-face. By incorporating Skype for Business, your company’s ability to collaborate across the country, the globe, or your office will improve drastically.

Skype for Business is a great addition to any business for two reasons: it is extremely portable and it can connect many people at once.

Skype for Business can be operated from anywhere: your desktop computer, your smartphone, your laptop, etc. With such portability, employees and colleagues can be included from anywhere, anytime.

In addition, 250 people can join a conference at one time.  All you do is send a link to whoever you want to include, or schedule on Outlook. A massive, face-to-face conference can be completely set up in a matter of minutes. When done through Skype for Business, this can also include annotations, instant written feedback and messages, and polls to keep everyone involved.

More Employee Mobility

In the past, even just ten years ago, leaving your desk always came with the risk of missing an important phone call. If you were away from your desk phone, you would have to wait until you return to contact someone. Now, with new technology, all devices (smartphones, desk phones, etc.) can be reached using a single number. If your employees are out at a meeting, working from home, working remotely, or just away from their desks, they will never miss critical business calls.

neteffect can help your company set up mobile extensions, which enables your employees to access the company phones through cell phones. Mobile calls can even be transferred back to the on-premise telephone system. The two phones then work together to improve connectivity, and therefore revenue.

In addition, Find Me/Follow Me is a new call routing feature that supports employee mobility. In his article Embrace Mobility In Your Business with Find Me, Follow Me Call Hunting, Matt Grech explains that calls are routed through a chosen set of numbers until a call is answered. Sometimes this system can be set up to make all chosen numbers can ring at the same time. With this technology, employees are far less likely to miss a call.

Reduced Cost, But More Connectivity

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows consumers to make calls using their internet connection instead of a separate phone line. Essentially your voice becomes a digital signal that can call others using VoIP, or call a traditional phone line. In that case, the digital signal would become a regular telephone signal.

Because the system is internet-based, a company that uses it saves money on phone bills and hardware needed to create a traditional phone system. You won’t have the added expense of a separate phone line, as VoIP works with your internet. And, having an internet-based phone system works wonders for international communication as using the internet to make calls is a much cheaper alternative. With the use of VoIP, businesses have seen a 40 percent decrease in spending on local calls and a 90 percent decrease in money spent on international calls.

VoIP also encourages more connectivity, as once the app is downloaded on a smartphone, free calls are easy to make and receive. Also, you can access your office phone and make calls as if you are there. Business calls you receive can be sent straight to your smartphone.

Along with VoIP, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking services is a cost effective choice for many businesses. This too enables your company to use a virtual phone line instead of a traditional one.

SIP trunking services are especially helpful in an office relocation or move. Transferring phone systems can be an arduous process, but because you would be using your internet connection for voice calls it would be a far easier endeavor. Your employees’ phone numbers can also stay the same.

A Perfect Fit

No matter what your industry, neteffect can help select the business phone systems that best fit your company, whether it is an on-premise telecom system or a hosted phone system. neteffect has partnerships with leading telecom vendors, such as AT&T, Spectrum, and Spirit, along with advanced IT knowledge. After assessing your company’s unique needs, they can find you a solution and help bring your telecom technology to the next level.

A call center, for instance, may find neteffect technologies’ monitoring of key performance indicators or solutions to make the center more efficient to be a perfect fit. Charlotte-based engineers can help calls centers find the solutions they need to improve their businesses.

A large company may benefit from an on-premise phone system. Though this necessitates the purchase of equipment, over time, it can be cost effective, not to mention under the company’s full control.

A company with international clients, suppliers, or locations may benefit most from VoIP, Skype for Business, and other telecom systems that use voice communication through the internet.

Every company has different needs, and therefore requires a different telecom system. neteffect has the expertise to help you choose your perfect fit.