Why use a Managed Services Provider for Wireless?

Why use a Managed Services Provider for Wireless?

In a world where IT professionals are overworked, something eventually falls through the cracks. An upgrade or security patch gets missed or maybe a backup doesn’t complete. Your Wireless infrastructure is coming up on its EOL. Having a provider to assist you can take some of the burden off an already overloaded plate.

Wireless Hardware Life Cycle

Standards change quickly and the number of devices that need to be supported is rising drastically. Infrastructure has about a 36-month hardware cycle, and each upgrade requires wireless planning and migration capabilities.

Management and Maintenance

All networks require software and firmware updates, and wireless is no different. Having someone who lives with the equipment day to day in charge of managing that effort makes it easier for overworked IT administrators supporting storage, PC’s, and everything else under the sun.

Cost of Downtime

Today’s enterprise wireless networks can’t go down, and if they do, troubleshooting and restoration must be fast. Having a managed service provider to maintain your networks helps ensure that wireless is reliable and performing at the highest level.

Security & Compliance

Keeping up with regulatory compliance can be a full-time job. Ease your workload by using a provider who will design your system to handle all compliance and security requirements. With the number of devices being attached to corporate networks, security must be the number one priority.

Fortinet’s Secure Access Architecture addresses the connectivity challenges plaguing organizations today, such as coverage, reliability, and BYOD onboarding, while incorporating advanced cybersecurity. The Secure Access Architecture allows IT teams to rapidly scale their WLAN to support thousands of access points with high throughput as more devices connect.

In Closing

Technology use is only going to increase as we become more reliant on connected devices and applications in our work and personal lives. At the same time, organizations will face more frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks from criminals seeking valuable personal data. Whether your only need is WiFi, or you need assistance with other aspects of IT, there are many ways an MSP can help. Contact us at 704-688-7170 to help you navigate all things IT.