what is dark web monitoring

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is a process in which either your IT department or an outside provider monitors the dark web for your company’s data as part of your IT security services.

With dark web monitoring, you can detect company information that has been stolen and is being sold or leaked onto the dark web. This data could include sensitive material such as customer information, passwords, and intellectual property.

Dark web monitoring can even help you detect a potential security breach you may not have known about and protect your company’s reputation. Here’s what you need to know about dark web monitoring.

Understanding the Dark Web

To understand dark web monitoring, it’s important to understand the dark web. The dark web isn’t the same as the internet you use to find information or do your shopping. That’s generally referred to as the surface web.

There’s also the deep web, which has sites that, unlike the surface web, are not ranked by searched engines. These sites include apps or password-protected sites such as personal email accounts, online banking, and subscription-based services.

However, the dark web consists of websites that are essentially hidden and encrypted. You would need a special browser to access the dark web, and users are anonymous. On the dark web, personal information can be for sale, people can hire hackers, or even purchase illegal substances.

The information available on the dark web typically comes from hackers, ransomware or malware attacks, and phishing emails.

Benefits of Monitoring the Dark Web for Company Data

Monitoring the dark web as part of your IT security services has a few essential benefits.

Finding your information on the dark web can mean your business has been hacked. Locating this information can help you find a potential security breach or even help you discover areas that could be at risk for a breach in the future. You may even be able to prevent future attacks with this information.

Dark web monitoring may also help you discover how you were hacked or who hacked your network. It can also tell if one of your third-party vendors has been hacked and if any of your company’s data is compromised as a result.

Leveraging dark web monitoring can also help you discover if anyone is impersonating you or your brand with your data. If you find your company’s sensitive information on the dark web, it’s essential to take action as soon as possible to prevent data from being sold or even being penalized by compliance regulations.

Dark web monitoring is a proactive tool that can find sensitive data that may have been leaked and mitigate damage to your business.

Do You Need Dark Web Monitoring Services?

Any business that has customer data or any valuable information should consider dark web monitoring. Without monitoring the dark web, you have less visibility into how and where your network has been compromised.

For many businesses, dark web monitoring is an essential part of their cyber security in Charlotte NC. Does your business utilize dark web monitoring? Find out more about dark web monitoring and other managed IT security services by contacting neteffect technologies.