What Do Living Wills Have In Common With Disaster Recovery?

If you’re a normal human, you probably don’t like thinking about death. But the hard truth is, while 100% of us will face death eventually, only 25% of us have living wills.

Likewise, too many small businesses put off planning to avert the demise of their business from data loss—and not enough have a disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Planning: Businesses Are Just as Bad

As many as 140,000 small business hard drives fail in the US each week, and more than 58% of them aren’t prepared for it.

But what’s even scarier than that? Small Business Trends says that 90% of companies suffering from data loss will fail within a year if they can’t resume operations just five days following a disaster. Protecting your hard drive from cybercrime and tech failure is literally a matter of life or death for your company.

Whether it’s a question of cybersecurity or accidental data loss, it can all be prevented with the right managed security services provider.

The Risks Are Too Great

What if your offices are flooded? What if your hard drives are damaged in an accident? What if you’re the victim of cybercrime? Or what if your tech simply fails?

Would you be able to get back up in running quickly?

It’s simply too much risk to leave up to chance. You can start by backing up everything on-site and in the cloud, checking in on your backup systems regularly (weekly is preferred), and backing up your data to the cloud daily.

That’s a good start. But let’s talk about what else you can do to protect yourself.

You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

You wouldn’t write your will yourself. (Or, at least, you shouldn’t.) So why try to DIY your cybersecurity?

What you need is a disaster recovery plan. A well-thought out disaster recovery plan gives you the clarity of mind and roadmap to know exactly what to do next — as well as who’s responsible for doing it and how.

A managed security services provider like neteffect technologies can make building this plan a million times easier. One huge advantage to working with neteffect is benefiting from their partnership with Fortinet. Fortinet’s security fabric approach provides end-to-end protection for your entire organization in your data center, across all endpoints and the cloud.

It’s the same reason people hire lawyers to help write their wills: It’s much safer and easier to get help from an expert who’ll be sure to cover all your bases than to scramble to do it yourself and wonder if you’re making mistakes that’ll leave you vulnerable down the road.

neteffect + Fortinet: The BCDR Dream Team

The Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery dream team, that is. And the cybersecurity experts. And the “getting you back on the ground running” experts.

Our advice? If you’re worried about high cyber crime stats, if you find the stats mentioned above on victims being forced to shut down (90%—in case you forgot), if you know you’re just as susceptible as anyone to data loss but want to know you’ll be okay when it happens, talk to neteffect so you can start building your disaster recovery plan now, 704-688-7170.