Need Super Fast Internet? neteffect technologies Can Hook You Up With Google Fiber

What if you no longer noticed your Internet connection? How would a more reliable, lightning fast Internet change the way you run your small business now, and in the future?

For Stacy Barter’s Roasterie coffeehouse in Kansas City, it meant live streaming important community events to loyal customers while up to 400 people simultaneously stream fresh coffee and fast Internet on-premises.

For craft software builder Marcelo Vergara of Propaganda 3, it means no longer noticing the Internet at all. As a software developer who works exclusively online, having a turbocharged, consistent Internet connection is a transformative experience that improves everything from ideation to product development to delivery.

Google Fiber Will Change The Way You Think About Your Business

Running a small business is challenging enough without having to worry about losing connectivity or waiting around for uploading speeds to catch up your current project delivery. Small businesses and their employees need to spend less time on stand-by and more time proactively developing ways to make their operation more successful.

That’s why neteffect technologies is excited to announce we’re partnering with Google Fiber to bring its superfast Internet service to our small business customers.

How Can neteffect technologies, as a Google Fiber Partner, Improve the Way I Connect?

neteffect technologies knows that every business is unique. Growing, small and mid-sized businesses need the fastest Internet possible not only to innovate, but to thrive. To accommodate the growing demand for Fiber, they’ve launched a series of new, tiered service levels to accommodate businesses of all sizes:

Fiber Business 100 provides up to Mbps download and upload speeds, with the capability to backup up to 100 GB of data in as little as 20 minutes.

Fiber Business 250 gives you up to 250 Mbps with the capacity to backup up to 100 GB of data in about 8 minutes.

Fiber Business 1000 offers speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps with enough bandwidth to connect everyone and every device simultaneously, and the power to backup 10GB of data in around 2 minutes.

All plans have zero-data caps for backups and come with network box, high- performance Wi-Fi, gigabit routing, and advanced firewall protection with up to 13 static IPs available. Support is available 24/7/365.

Google Fiber and neteffect Will Transform the Way You Conduct Your Business

Super fast downloads. Rapid uploads. Faster connections to everything and everyone people need to get their jobs done.

From live, real-time video conferencing and instant access to cloud technology to jam sessions between musicians in multiple locations, Fiber brings your business to the next level by allowing business owners and employees to communicate more efficiently and more reliably than ever before.

neteffect technologies can help you find out when Google Fiber will be available in your small business’ area and hook you up with the fastest, most reliable Internet available as soon as you’re ready. Visit our website to learn more. For information on how Google Fiber can improve your business’ connectivity, call us today at 704-688-7156.