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neteffect technologies recognized with Patriot Awards

Written by Beth Wallace. Posted in Company News

b2ap3_thumbnail_PatriotAward_Blog_Image.jpg neteffect technologies is more than just a company that provides computer and network solutions. It is also a company that recognizes the importance of patriotism and service. Two proud members of the neteffect technologies family were recent recipients of The Patriot Award, which provides one more example of why the company continues to be so well received.


The Patriot Award was created by the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) to recognize company employers who go beyond the range of normal duties to meet the needs of their employees currently serving in the National Guard or Reserve units. That means adjusting work schedules to be flexible while also granting time off so that National Guard members and reservists can complete their deployment demands.

Marine National Guard member Andrew Kush did his country proud with his military service. Kush also served as an engineer for neteffect technologies while also a part of his Marine National Guard unit. During his time of employment at neteffect technologies, he benefitted a great deal from the assistance and understanding of his employers. It was for that reason that Kush opted to do something to repay that helpful assistance and understanding.

Kush pointed out two neteffect technologies members who made a difference during the time he spent with the company. Those individuals were neteffect technologies owner David Wollenhaupt and Operations Manager Brian Ferguson. As a result, Wollenhaupt and Ferguson were presented with their Patriot Awards by Steve O’Brien, the Area Chair of the North Carolina ESGR.

The option of nominating supervisors for the prestigious Patriot Award falls entirely on employees. Reservists and Guardsmen are taught to use sound judgement in every part of the decision making progress, both at work and in the field. That is another reason why these recent awards were accepted with great pride and honor. The entire neteffect technologies family holds them in very high regard.

These awards are indicative of how the daily operations are conducted at neteffect technologies. Employees are more than just workers who are assigned a set of daily tasks. They are important people who are responsible for the rapid growth of the company. neteffect technologies family is also proud of its employees who serve this great country. Efforts continue to be made to recognize all employees for their hard work, perseverance and dedication as they are truly the heart on soul of neteffect technologies.

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