How to Reduce Third-Party Cybersecurity Risks

Written by Beth Wallace. Posted in netCare

Third-party vendors can be the weakest link in your network security. When you neglect to assess their cybersecurity posture and practices, you risk exposing your network to vulnerabilities beyond your control. Remember the disastrous data breach suffered by Target in 2013? You may recall that the cause was the theft of credentials from an HVAC […]

How To Weed Out Cyber Threats Before They Overrun Your Environment

Written by neteffect technologies. Posted in netCare

The increasing frequency and seriousness of systems breaches have elevated the importance of actively searching for indicators of compromise. Detecting such indicators and mitigating the impact of a breach requires an organization to gain a full understanding of their network environment under “normal” conditions. Performing regular cyber threat assessments can give you the information you […]

Why Ignoring Disaster Recovery is Bad for Small Business

Written by neteffect technologies. Posted in netCare

More small businesses are moving their data, apps and other digital resources to the cloud. However, considering the rising number of cyber threats directed at cloud use and their potential impact on small companies, putting a solid disaster recovery plan in place should be a critical component of any small business cybersecurity plan. Experts predict […]

What Do Living Wills Have In Common With Disaster Recovery?

Written by neteffect technologies. Posted in netCare

If you’re a normal human, you probably don’t like thinking about death. But the hard truth is, while 100% of us will face death eventually, only 25% of us have living wills.  Likewise, too many small businesses put off planning to avert the demise of their business from data loss—and not enough have a disaster […]

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