Maximizing Efficiency With Your Business Data Network

Maximizing efficiency for your business data network is crucial. After all, an efficient network will support streamlined collaboration, communication, and productivity for your company. But with different network options and security concerns, how can you choose the best network for your business? Here, we examine the different types of business data networks, emerging technologies, and […]
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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Data Security Analyst

A data security analyst, also called an information security analyst, is a professional responsible for monitoring network security and performing investigations when a security breach occurs. These professionals play an integral role in defending networks from security threats and cyberattacks. If your organization handles any type of sensitive data, whether it’s customer information, payment card […]
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Cloud vs. Data Center Security: What’s the Difference?

When managing your organization’s data, you need to decide how and where to store your information for accessibility, disaster recovery, and security. There are two options: using an on-site data center or an off-site, internet-based cloud solution. The cloud is a cost-effective option for businesses and provides a highly scalable infrastructure, whereas a data center […]
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