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Co-Managed IT Services in Charlotte, NC

Every business has IT projects that need to be done but keep getting delayed because no one has the time or resources to accomplish them. The problem is that these undone projects may be leaving your company’s data, security, and compliance vulnerable—and, in turn, putting your business at risk.

Our team of engineers at neteffect technologies brings the experience and technical support you need to safeguard your business with co-managed IT services. We work to cultivate a deep understanding of your business, its problems, objectives, budget, and timeframe to leverage technologies to help you effectively plan for the future.

neteffect technologies delivers innovative, reliable, and efficient IT services that minimize frustration and produce significant cost savings for your business. Our team of on-shore IT experts works out of our office and can meet with you in person or by phone. Get critical projects done without compromising already stressed business resources by leveraging our co-managed solutions at neteffect technologies.

IT Project Management & Implementation

Below are some of the most common projects neteffect technologies manages on behalf of our clients when it comes to IT services:

Upgrades and Implementation

Whether you need to plan and execute upgrades to firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi devices, operating systems, or servers, we can help you secure your IT systems.

Security Systems

Firewall logs show that hackers are scanning your business’ networks every day. Automated security scanning helps find and remediate vulnerabilities quickly. Our team then puts systems in place to keep hackers out. We can assist you with firewall recommendations, intrusion detection, and vulnerability detection.

Server Consolidation

Consolidating servers can help you reduce costs associated with hardware, maintenance, power, and space. Whether you configure physical boxes to handle more tasks or virtualize everything you can, server consolidation is a project that takes time but can result in significant cost savings.

Migrating to the Cloud

There are many factors to consider when planning a cloud migration. The professional engineering team at neteffect technologies has the experience and know-how to analyze your company’s compliance, availability, speed, and other requirements to provide you with an ideal cloud solution for your needs and budget.

IT Equipment Inventory & Software Licensing

Outsourcing your IT equipment inventory and software licensing can help reduce the burden on your team and support you in getting this task done as quickly and accurately as possible.

Internet Bandwidth Improvements

Is your staff productivity hindered by limited internet bandwidth? neteffect technologies can help uncover bandwidth hogs and implement strategies to open up bottlenecks.

Colocation Services

Building and maintaining secure facilities to house your mission-critical data and software applications can be very expensive. In addition to the cost of constructing and maintaining the data center itself, there’s an ongoing expense for skilled talent to manage the facility.

Colocation facilities offer businesses a smart alternative to building and maintaining a private data center. With a colocation facility, you can “rent” the highly skilled personnel and the top-of-the-line equipment you need for secure data and application services without hitting your operating expense with steep infrastructure investments.

Even during a power failure, colocation facilities are designed with redundant systems to deliver close to 100% network uptime. Monitoring devices warn of potential issues before they happen, allowing IT administrators to make corrections to avoid outages. High levels of security guarantee that your sensitive data is available only to you, not to hackers, at all times.

neteffect technologies can help you evaluate the most important factors to consider when selecting a colocation facility, including the fee structures, infrastructure offerings, and level of service that best fit your needs.

Help Desk Services

neteffect can provide your IT department with a ticketing system that gives your internal staff complete control of and visibility into both routine and emergency IT maintenance issues.

This system, called Streamline IT, enables you to track projects, help desk requests, routine maintenance, and other IT services, ultimately giving you tighter control of network issues. With better control over and insight into these services, you can improve response times and increase your business’ ability to handle service and support.

Streamline IT integrates seamlessly with neteffect technologies, giving you complete control to manually escalate tickets to our service desk when additional solutions are required. It also leads to happier employees who can track the progress of their own IT service requests rather than peppering your IT department with anxious emails and phone calls.

With co-managed IT services, IT managers who are overwhelmed can outsource their help desk while maintaining everything else in-house. Or, the help desk can stay in-house and everything else can be outsourced. Regardless of the situation, you can leverage an outsourced IT solution while maintaining control.

XaaS: Everything as a Service

Technology changes constantly, and businesses pay the price for trying to keep aging technologies working. Not only are there higher costs for repairs and maintenance, but productivity suffers as staff wait for slow, outdated equipment to respond.

neteffect technologies offers options for companies that want to avoid the capital investment of keeping services, workstations, networking equipment, and other hardware up to date. You can have everything you need available on an “as a service” model. “X” is a cumulation of services such as Hardware as a Service (HaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and others that meet your specific needs.

These unlimited services are offered in an easy-to-manage, affordable solution for IT managers with a fixed monthly fee.

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neteffect technologies helps IT managers meet their goals on time and within budget. Is there a project you need help with? Our team of engineers, knowledgeable in all the latest technologies, are here to help you capitalize on their expertise and years of experience. Contact neteffect technologies to learn more about our co-managed IT services today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-managed vs fully managed IT services?

If your company struggles to retain IT talent, wants to concentrate on its core objectives, or has no IT plan at all, consider a completely managed IT solution. If you can retain IT personnel but the team is unable to meet daily IT demands, you need to cover a knowledge or skill gap, or your budget is constrained, go with co-managed.

How does co-managed IT services improve IT security for my business?

Our co-managed IT services include robust cybersecurity measures to protect your business from threats. We implement advanced security solutions, conduct regular security assessments, and provide employee training to ensure your organization remains secure.