Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure your data is protected and accessible in event of a failure.

Managed Services Backup / Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for a natural disaster, security breach, or system failure that wipes out access to your data — temporarily or permanently? Are your critical business data and applications backed up in a way that would support recovery if a lightning strike, aging server, or malware attack strikes your business?

neteffect technologies provides fully integrated Backup and Recovery solutions that meet your budget and level of risk. We offer everything from simple hard drive data backup systems and virtual computers, to virtual servers and remote backups at secure colocation data centers.

Cloud technologies offer an added layer of security, enabling your critical systems to be accessible anywhere you can find an Internet connection. With cloud-based business continuity services, you gain:

  • Rapid and reliable restore of any backup image, any time.
  • Easy test, system, connectivity, and network settings failover.
  • Server data on demand.
  • Automated backups that can be scheduled every 15 minutes.

Cloud options include:

  • Private Cloud: Provides maximum security and standards compliance, supports heavy server resource usage.
  • Public/Shared Cloud: Offers lower cost for companies with light to moderate server resource needs and lower security requirements.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Is very cost effective, offers more control and security.

Contact neteffect technologies today to learn how we can help your business leverage technology. Call 704.688.7170.


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