Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Deliver telephone services over software and decrease your phone bill.

Telecom Services - Hosted VOIPHosted Voice over IP (VoIP) utilize your data network to provide voice services. One practical benefit of this feature is that it can drastically cut your organization’s phone bill and up front hardware expenses. Another is that since the telephone services are delivered as a service, you can deploy exactly the feature and application set your business requires.

Hosted telephony is an ideal fit for many organizations that don’t have complex configurations, advanced call centers, geographically distributed, or telework organizations where it can be challenging to find good-quality telephony applications that cater to the needs of smaller organizations. Hosted VoIP enables your organization to easily access many of the technology features large enterprises enjoy.

VoIP uses Internet technology to pinpoint your exact location and push incoming calls to your position. For example, you may need to meet urgently with an employee in another part of your office and forget to forward your office phone calls to your cellphone. Or you may be traveling to another company location in a different state or even another continent. The VoIP system can detect your network activity from your smartphone, recognize that you are away from your desk phone, and push an incoming call from your office directly to your smartphone.

Imagine never again missing a business opportunity just because you’re out of the office. It’s that easy. neteffect technologies can help you make technology work for your business.

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