High-Definition Videoconferencing

Real-time collaboration and file sharing to cut costs and enhance productivity.

Professional Services - Video Conferencing

High-definition videoconferencing helps businesses of all sizes and types enhance collaboration, increase productivity, decrease travel expenses, and streamline operations. Companies with mobile workforces, satellite offices, long-distance customers, and other communications needs have found that videoconferencing brings people together better than typical conference calls, group emails, or other non-video collaboration methods.

Today’s videoconferencing solutions are simpler and less expensive to implement than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to have dedicated videoconferencing suites, or all parties had to use the same equipment. Now people can conduct both point-to-point (two people in different locations) or multi-point (many people in different locations) meetings using different brands of videoconferencing equipment.

Videoconferencing can also offer real-time collaboration and file sharing (including digital content and multimedia files). Whiteboards, document cameras, and other A/V resources can be easily integrated into the conference.

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