Project Management & Implementation

Get critical IT projects done without compromising already stressed business resources.

Every business has dozens of IT projects that need to be done, but keep getting back-burnered because no one has the time or resources to accomplish them. The problem is that these undone projects may be leaving your company’s data, security, budget, and compliance vulnerable — and, in turn, putting your business at risk.

neteffect technologies is well-positioned to take these critical IT projects off your plate and see them through to completion. Our agile development methods accelerate progress and allow us to scale to meet your company’s needs.

Following are some of the most common projects neteffect technologies manages on behalf of companies:

Upgrades & Implementations
Planning and executing upgrades to firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi devices, operating systems, productivity software suites, storage, servers, etc. to help secure your IT systems and stay ahead of next year’s needs.

Firewall logs show that hackers are scanning your business’ networks every day. Every single day. Automated security scanning helps find and remediate vulnerabilities quickly, then we put systems in place to keep hackers out. neteffect technologies can assist you with firewall recommendations, intrusion detection, vulnerability protection, and other security technologies.

Server Consolidation
Consolidating servers can help you reduce costs associated with hardware, maintenance, power, space, and more. Whether you configure physical boxes to handle more tasks or virtualize everything you can, server consolidation is a project that takes a lot of time, but can save even more money over time.

Migrating Data to the Cloud
Many organizations want to move their data to the cloud for financial, security, or other reasons, but there are many factors to consider when planning a cloud migration. For example, do you need a 100% secure environment, or would you give up a little security for lower costs? The professional engineering team at neteffect technologies has the experience and know-how to analyze your company’s compliance, availability, speed, and other requirements and provide you with a cloud solution that is perfect for your needs and your budget.

IT Equipment Inventory and Software Licensing
It’s that time again – time to do a complete inventory of IT equipment and software licensing. But who has the time to do it? Outsource this project to neteffect technologies and take it off your to-do list.

Application & Software Development
From applications for smartphones and tablets, to wiki development, to custom software, you need to develop applications and software that work across multiple mobile and desktop operating systems. Let our experienced developers create reliable, effective applications that meet your deadlines and budgetary requirements.

Internet Bandwidth Improvements
Is your staff productivity hindered by limited Internet bandwidth? neteffect technologies can help uncover bandwidth hogs and implement strategies to open up bottlenecks.

Professional Services Projects

Our Charlotte-based engineers and technical support staff work with companies throughout the region. We will work with your team to assess your company’s needs and provide the right IT services. Find out how neteffect technologies can transform your IT issues into successes. Call us at 704-688-7170.


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