Top-of-the-line secure data center access without steep capital expenditures and ongoing personnel costs.

Professional Services - ColocationIt’s no secret that building and maintaining facilities to house your mission-critical data and software applications in a secure environment can be very expensive. In addition to the cost of constructing and maintaining the data center itself, there’s the ongoing expense for skilled talent to manage the facility.

Colocation facilities offer businesses a smart alternative to building and maintaining a private data center. Colocation facilities allow businesses to “rent” the highly skilled personnel and top-of-the-line equipment, gaining secure data and application services without hitting their operating expenses with steep infrastructure investments.

Colocation facilities are designed with redundant systems to ensure clients near-100% network uptime, even during a power failure. Monitoring devices warn of potential issues before they happen, allowing IT administrators to make corrections to avoid outages. High levels of security guarantee that your mission-critical data is available only to you, but not vulnerable to hackers, at all times. Some collocation facilities offer 24x7x365 support, providing peace of mind that someone will always be available to offer assistance.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a colocation facility, including fee structures, infrastructure offerings, and level of service that best fits your needs.

Our Charlotte-based engineers and technical support staff work with companies throughout the region. We will work with your team to assess your company’s needs and provide the right IT services. Find out how neteffect technologies can transform your IT issues into successes. Call us at 704-688-7170.


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