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neteffect technologies provides reliable, practical, and effective IT services to local, regional, and national businesses based out of the Charlotte, NC area. Our capabilities include:

Whether you need a team to provide ongoing IT support or a skilled set of hands on a one-time IT project, our professional, knowledgeable technology experts are available to assist your business promptly and efficiently. Learn more about us.

Let’s get started on finding solutions to your IT challenges. Talk with one of our IT experts about how neteffect technologies can transform your organization by calling 704-688-7170. Allow us to use our proven methodologies to find solutions tailored to fit your business’s needs. Our focus is using technology to increase bottom line.

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How to ensure new graduates aren’t compromising enterprise networks

Written by neteffect technologies. Posted in netCare



You don’t have to look far to see one of many graduations occurring. Once college students have taken off their caps and gowns, with any luck it’s not long until they have secured jobs, with a lot of luck maybe even before they crossed the stage with degrees in hand. As these brand new employees come on the payroll, businesses must work to be certain their security habits are in line with the business’ policies. Recent studies suggest that the mass of Millennials truly are indifferent about their data.

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IT Department: Internal, Outsourced, or Hybrid. Which is best?

Written by Beth Wallace. Posted in Cloud


b2ap3_thumbnail_choosing_which_cloud_is_right_400.jpgResearch has shown that technology budgets are allocated for activities that keep the infrastructure running. Efficiency and improvements are considered less important than up-time. We firmly invest ourselves in keeping systems running optimally through proactive monitoring.

Because of our proactive approach, we keep issues at bay before your business could be affected, keeping infrastructure up and running providing efficiencies and improvements positively affecting the bottom line.

Internal: Is having an Internal IT Department the best option for your business?

Outsourcing: Is outsourcing a better solution?

Hybrid: Perhaps a hybrid, augmenting your Internal IT department on an as-needed basis?

It’s no secret that IT departments are being asked to do more with fewer resources. 

Perhaps having an Internal IT department makes the most sense for your business, as long as your support is proactive. Gone are the days of reactive support however; waiting for something to break is not smart business. There’s no excuse with technology integrated into daily business operations when technology resources are plentiful and you have a staff of diversely trained engineers.

Don’t like the after-hours or weekend calls, there seem to be limited resources, or you have projects that fall outside the scope of your daily capacity? Outsourcing provides access to additional resources and the cost is usually less. The latest tools are employed on your behalf, and you’re able to budget your IT expenditures with Flat-Fee IT costs. Capital costs are replaced with Operational for lots of businesses, and they are enabled to get out of purchasing and replacing hardware and software by taking advantage of Hardware-as-a-Service Software-as-a-Service programs. Keeping up with licensing and inventory is also a thing of the past as these services are outsourced.

Sometimes companies have IT Managers that are overwhelmed and appreciate the availability of being able to outsource functions, but not the entire operation. Help desk can be outsourced and everything else maintained in-house, or help desk can stay in-house and projects are outsourced. Regardless of the situation at hand, an outsourced solution is available while maintaining control.

neteffect technologies works with businesses to determine how best to add expertise without adding head count. Call us today at 704-688-7156.

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